“I have been working out since January with Miss Elissa. I lost 9 pounds of pure body fat while gaining muscle tone. I used to wear a size 18 and now I wear a size 14. I am still working out to reach my goal of size 12. I like to work out with Elissa. She’s wonderful. She helped me to lose those pounds in seven weeks. I recommend her to all of my friends.” T.D., Accountant, West Hollywood, CA

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“After a couple near crippling injuries long ago, I've had severe pain more often that not for over 30 years. My body usually felt as uncomfortable & inflexible as Quasimodo or the Tin Man. I was quite proficient in the arts of self-medicating. The past couple months had been extremely painful & I was often screaming in the night every time I tried to move. Chiropractors, massages & pain pills provided no relief. Rehab efforts only reactivated & irritated my previous injuries. I no longer wanted to go out, I was no longer having fun.  Since the doctors couldn't help, they just wanted to give me anti-depressants, which I refused.  I was desperate to try something different since nothing had ever worked. “... & that's when I met Elissa.  Her energy, background, attitude, experience, philosophy & understanding earned my trust & gave me hope. Although budget cuts hurt my personal finances & I really didn't want to drive all the way to Hollywood from San Pedro, I felt Elissa could help me.  “I decided to make the commitment to change my life & improve my well-being by investing in 12 sessions with her as my personal trainer. She designed a personalized program for me and I am amazed that after ONLY 2 sessions I already feel fantastic! “I'm standing upright like a modern man. I can't remember the last time I felt this good! I didn't think it was possible to feel so much better so fast. I can't imagine how good I will be feeling at the end of 12 sessions. So I'm very excited about these early results; they are life altering. I have a whole new 'feel good' future I now look forward to. I highly recommend Elissa. I feel good!!!”                         

 --M. Matich, Teacher, San Pedro Ca

Pilates, yoga, Power Plate, TRX, Body Rolling and Healing Modalities are all What Works to help you stay fit, youthful and healthy in body, mind and spirit. Don't just exercise. Do WHAT WORKS to really get the results you want.